The mistake of Canada MPs & Senators to travel to China amid detention of Canadians as hostage

The  mistake of Canada  MPs and  Senators to travel to China amid detention of Canadians as hostage

Jan 6 , 2019-01-06

Saeed Soltanpour

Trip of 4 Canadian MPs ( 3 Liberal and One Conservative ) alongside two Senators ( one Liberal and One Conservative) on Jan 5 , 2019 to China amid of political tensions rising between Canada and China is a big mistake by Primer Justin Trudeau and Conservative leader Andrew Shceer. The pre schedule  trip of Canadian politicians giving wrong response to China.

Timing of the trips shadow on PM Justin Trudeau and Her Foreign minster , Chrystia Freeland , claim on priority of Human Rights for the government. The trip is not at the best interest of Canada.

It looks Human Right is important as long as the other government is not powerful as China

While I support dialogue with governments  but we can not leave our fellow Canadian citizens behind or scarifies our interest for economic or political benefit  at  the international crisis.

The authorization of the trip of back bencher politicians with little diplomatic experience  by PM Justin Trudeau was a big mistake , too.  These politician not only will not be taken serious in Beijing but showing the weakness of Canada foreign policy .

Richmond Hill Liberal MP could stay  out of this trip to show respect  for all 13 Canadian detainees in China .  MP Jowhari could should think twice as Canadians before be a foot solder for Liberal party to respect Canadian Liberal democratic  values and Human RIGHTS. 

Delegate to China :

Unelected Senators Victor Oh, Conservative and Sen. Joseph Day , Liberal and MPs Michael Cooper, Conservative,  Geng Tan,Libera , Majid Jowhari, Liberal and Chandra Arya, Liberal,

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